In recent years we have seen rapid progress in the development of materials, nanotechnology and sensor technology. The resulting new developments and techniques are being intensively applied in industries such as automobile engineering, aircraft construction and aerospace technology; building construction, on the other hand is, at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, still largely using concepts, techniques and materials that have hardly changed for decades or even centuries. To achieve real progress in the construction industry, its basic methods have to be questioned and maybe defined anew. It is our firm conviction that modern buildings should not only represent the latest technologies, but also minimize the use of resources, be light, transparent and designed and built with a view to easy dismantling and recycling. Minimizing the use of resources means using as little material as possible in the construction of a building, minimizing the energy demand of the building over its lifetime and, if possible, making all construction materials recyclable. Lightweight construction contributes to minimizing the use of resources, while transparency offers the user maximum contact with the environment and enables him to optimize the use of natural sources of light.

MSK design group works closely with clients to find design solutions based in the balance of natural and technological elements into interior expressions. MSK design group’s current interest is defining new styles utilizing LEED-rated products as building blocks, as opposed to end products of the design solution. For example, MSK design group has replaced the common use of natural bamboo flooring within the sustainable interior design matrix, and has given the element a new design standard through the use of environmentally-friendly stains. Thus, MSK design group has been able to achieve new and sophisticated design standards, out of dull sustainable design materials. The group has been able to create radical and advanced interior design statements out of sustainable base products, especially through the utilization of resin incorporating both natural and found elements as a design pieces in interior sustainable design settings. MSK design group has provided interior design services for luxury apartments throughout New York and Chicago. Recent projects have included the Millennium Park Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois, as well as a Boutique Hair Salon in White Plains, New York. MSK design group has been responsible for the design of Mercedes-Benz International Car Exhibition shows.